That Time I Almost Missed My Trip….

So I almost didn’t make it to Florence.

I had been thinking that my flight was on Monday since the beginning of summer. I was perfectly organized to go.. on Monday. Meanwhile, it’s Sunday and I’m sitting in the Pittsburgh airport waiting on my flight to Paris. 

I was enjoying my last few days with friends and family, catching up after a summer of serving Akron’s “elite” at a country club that took over all my free time. Sitting on my now-ex apartment’s couch Saturday 
I read too many tweets saying how exited everyone was for Florence tomorrow. My thought: all these people are idiots. 

So I decided to double check my flight information one more time, just to make sure. And sure enough, my flight was scheduled for Sunday. Oh, how time flys when you are leaving the country a day earlier than you expected.

After a whirlwind day of goodbyes, packing and my whole family getting food positioning at our last family dinner, I have safely made it to the beginning of my trip.  I am excited and nervous, but also completely ready to start this next crazy year of my life. 

Florence here I come! 


One thought on “That Time I Almost Missed My Trip….

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