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Jet Setter

I’d like to thank my parents for the travel bug I have. 

I’d also like to thank them in advance for supporting my poor butt when I am broke after all this traveling I’m about to do.

I didn’t come to Florence just for Florence, I came to Florence for Europe. After spending my sixteenth birthday in Paris and London with my parents, I knew that I wanted to be back ASAP. Four short years later, I’m taking on Europe in a way so many people only dream about – how lucky am I?

I started planning weekend trips as soon as I was accepted into Kent’s Florence program. Being a fashion major, I have the advantage of spending full weeks in Paris and London with my program, plus a few days in Como and Milan. With s few must-see destinations already planned, a started thinking about what else I wanted to see while in Europe, besides the obvious answer of “everything”.

I am a complete history nerd at heart, so with my studies in AP European History and subscription to Smithsonian Magazine,I had a good idea of what cities were at the top of my list. 

It’s easy to forget that I’m living in Italy and need to see Italy when planning trips, so making the effort to stay in the country on a weekend in harder than I thought it would be. 

The must-see Italy list: Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Pompeii, and obviously Florence. 

For greater Europe I was all too excited to plan where I wanted to go. At the top of my list was Barcelona, mostly because of The Cheetah Girls 2 movie (kidding, but not really). I was also dying to see Prague and Dublin.

The must-see Europe List: Barcelona, Prague, Dublin, London, Paris and Amsterdam

So far I have trips booked to all except Amsterdam, most of them  made easy by having friends in my program with relatives in those cities. A pricier plane ticket (who knew Prague was so far away?) is totally worth the free room and board for a weekend. 

In two days I’m heading to Barcelona with one of my sorority sisters, Kyla, and staying with one of her friends who live in the city. I’m not a person who gets too excited until right before something happens, I think that might be a dancer thing, but I’m literally going crazy thinking about how awesome this trip will be. I can’t wait! 

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