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The Two B’s You Need in Florence

There are two very important things you need to bring with you if you plan on having a successful study abroad experience: your Bitch Face and your Bar Weave. 

The B Face 

I learned about the B Face freshman year of college. It is everything you need to tell the world to get out of your personal bubble, because you definitely are not someone they want to mess with. 

Why It’s Important

In America we are used to most people understanding the word “no”. Here in Italy, venders and promoters will not leave you alone, talking at you, shoving flyers and leather goods in your face, even following you down the street, no matter how many times you tell them to get lost. The B Face is key in avoiding this kind of interaction all together.

How to Achieve It

  • Head up, shoulders back. Good posture is key in showing off your confidence.
  • Purse your lips ever so slightly.
  • Completely direct your focus. Trying to get across town? Keep your eyes straight ahead to your destination. 
The Bar Weave
To clarify, this has nothing to do with fake hair. The Bar Weave is the way to successfully maneuver within crowds of people, as if you are trying to get through a crowded bar. 
Why It’s Important
Touristy cities are filled with, well, tourists. Most of which don’t speak your language and don’t care that they are in your way because they are busy trying to snap their 100th picture of the Duomo. With the Bar Weave it is easy to get around all the people sauntering around the city like they have all the time in the world when you have class in five minutes. 
How To Achieve It
  • Put your B Face on.
  • Know exactly where you’re trying to get to. If you have no idea where you’re going, or your face is lost in a map, this is not going to work.
  • Don’t try to walk in a straight path. It’s called the Bar Weave of a reason. People will not move, so you need to move around them. 
  • When in a crowd: angle one shoulder in front of the other and stick that hand out slightly as a guide to be used to create space. If you’re in a club this works perfectly, especially when you throw in some dance moves along the way. 
The key to both of these working abroad is to practice them at home first. Everyone speaks body language, so brush up on your translation as you walk across campus to class or on a Thursday night out before you head overseas. 


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