Ciao, Firenze

How did four months go so quickly?

I’m sitting here in my tiny little Florence apartment wondering how I can possibly sum up the craziest, most challenging, perfect semester of my life.

The only way I can think to pay tribute to this time in my life is to describe my last full day in my sudo-home.

7:05 AM: I’m hungover. Look through social media sites to contract some idea of what happened during last night’s end-of-semester celebrations. Remember I made a man buy me a rose from one of the annoying street vendors, and later managed to get a free kebab. Success. Go to hydrate, wish our tap water didn’t taste like gasoline.

7:30 AM: Olivia wakes up. Decide to watch Under the Tuscan Sun.

7:35 AM: Movie stops streaming due to our snail-paced Internet.

7:41 AM: Movie buffers.

7:42 AM: Movie stops. Give up.

9:00 AM: Olivia and I combine all food we have left to make breakfast. 4 sunny side up eggs, 5 pieces of burnt toast and cherry tomatoes. Taylor and Micaela wake up.

9:32 AM: Decide to start cleaning our disgusting apartment. Why is it always so dusty?!

9:40 AM: Shelf falls off hinges as Olivia puts our collected wine bottles into the trash.

NOON: After a series of mini naps and movie buffering, all roommates decide its time to get out of the house.

1:00 PM: Hands full of trash bags, walk a block to throw out trash. Still don’t know which stuff belongs in which bins, not that we’ve been separating anything all semester anyways.

1:10 PM: Olivia spends an arm and a leg shipping souvenirs/clothes home. Micaela, Taylor and I goof off and seriously piss off the young employees with our “loud Americans” mannerisms. Typical.

1:25 PM: Decide Taylor needs to go see the David. Walk into Galleria dell’Accademia, see David, talk about how soon you won’t be able to see his butt because the vibrations from walking behind the statue is making it unstable. Take extra time to admire.

1:30 PM: Leave the Galleria.

1:31 PM: We need pizza. Head across the river to Santa Spirito for one last piece of heaven at Gusta’s Pizza.

3:12 PM: Go to Palazzo Pitti. We’re told the Boboli Gardens are already closed. Contemplate going to see the new exhibit at the Costume Gallery, but decide to head home instead. Contemplate getting gelato.

3:30 PM: Olivia wants to go to Zara to get a new dress for tonight’s dinner. Cry because we have no money left.

7:06 PM: After coordinating shower schedules, hair dryer and makeup application in our one tiny bathroom, we leave for the Kent State fashion farewell dinner. Prepare for a half hour walk in stilettos since our apartment is in the boonies of Florence. Retape heels of shoes real quick after makeshift pegs fell off… again.

7:35 PM: Arrive at Palazzo Bourghese. We’re actually allowed to eat in a room adorned with this much gold leaf and crystal?

8:00 PM: Dinner begins. Enjoy a full meal of vegetable lasagna, rigatoni with meat sauce, chicken stuffed with prosciutto and cheese and spinach veggie mix and tiramisu. Rejoice over the free wine. All agree that the diet starts Monday.

10:00 PM: End dinner with a photo shoot. Typical fashion majors. Get jealous over everyone’s Instagrams, think to myself that going home to a new iPhone will be glorious.

10:45 PM: Arrive home after being followed by a horny man on a bike the entire way. Made necessary dip into random hotel lobby to hide, where concierge speaks little English and thinks we asked to sleep on the bike rack for the night.

11:30 PM: Attempt to restart Under the Tuscan Sun. Actually works. Praise God.

1:22 PM: Start crying because I don’t want to leave Florence.

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