Fashion / New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This week’s study tour trip led our class to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

First thought: Gossip Girl was here.

Second thought: Museums really make me miss studying in Europe.

So it was perfect that our tour guide that day had a British accent.

Our hour tour consisted of our guide’s few favorite pieces in the museum that houses over 2 million pieces in the space of four city blocks. In that time we traveled through Greek, Roman, Pacific, American, Dutch and Columbian spaces of art.

My favorite piece was the self portrait of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. The small frame sat in the middle of the room, displaying its secret second portrait on the reverse side. A resourceful man who though the price of canvas was too high, the original portrait was of a woman peeling potatoes, and then the opposite side was used for the fame picture of the artist.

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