Florence / Travel Tips

Help Me, I’m Poor


Today I found this building that was covered in dollar bills, all out of reach. Symbolic of my money struggle?

I despise all those rich people who never tipped me at the country club this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very, VERY good at spending money. But I can be very good at saving and sticking to a budget as well. At least when it’s in US dollars.

Euros suck.

In the past three days I have spent 91 euros between food, water (no tap option available), a cell phone and a bar of Italian soap. Did I mention I went to Zara yesterday? THAT IS SELF CONTROL, PEOPLE.

So after going through my budget, again, and marking down every single item I have purchased, I decided it was okay for me to take in my bag a croissant and about fifteen sandwiches from our orientation receptions today.

I am unashamed.

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