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The Almafi Coast: Capri

P1050412Going to the Almafi Coast is basically living in every destination picture you’ve ever pinned on Pinterest: pictures of bright colored villas sitting on cliffs cutting into water so blue you can’t even find an appropriate word to describe it, all with the caption “Someday!”.

My “someday” happened this weekend.

Booking our trip through FlorenceForFun, my roommates and I rushed out of class Thursday, eager for our seven-hour bus ride to a weekend in Sorrento, Capri, Positano and Pompeii. We arrived at our home base, Hotel Cavour, a beachy accommodation in Sorrento, at around one in the morning. We managed to fit in a catnap between our arrival and breakfast, which was included (as well as dinner), despite all of our excitement for the days ahead.


Stuffed with croissants and orange juice we all agreed tasted like Trix cereal, we sauntered through Sorrento down to the marina for our ferry ride to Capri Friday morning. After 40 minutes of turbulent waves, leftover from the week’s storms, crashing into the boat hard enough to make a majority of us feel seasick, we finally made it to the island, a picturesque vacation spot of celebrities like Dolce and Gabbana and Giorgio Armani.

We were immediately ushered onto a smaller boat for a tour around the island, one of the extras we chose to purchase, along with entrance to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, through FFF in addition to the cost of our trip. Cruising around the rugged landscape, the sights were almost overwhelming as sunshine poured over the giant rocks onto the clear blue water.

Our first stop was at the Red Grotto, where bright spots of orange coral peak through the waves hitting the walls of the cave. Next was to a natural statue of the Madonna, which, even from far away, was a little creepy in how perfect it was. We passed under the signature I Faraglioni, where we were instructed to kiss someone as we passed under the arch for good luck, although how many people actually did, I couldn’t tell. We continued on to the Green Grotto, a cave with water shimmering like bright emeralds, an unreal effect that no picture could provide it any justice. Unfortunately, due to the high water levels that day, we were unable to visit the legendary Blue Grotto, a site we were all upset to miss.

After the boat tour we took the island’s tram to Marina Piccola, only after stopping for the most delicious granites, a frozen lemonade and orange juice mixture (with or without vodka). Taking the steep steps down the marina, the views of the beach unfolded from a path covered in pergolas filled with colorful flowers and ivy. Half of my roommates and I opted to enjoy a seafood lunch at da Gioia, which had a fixed price menu that included drinks, while the other half chose a lighter lunch of pizza and paninis at a snack bar down the beach.

We laid out our giant beach sheet (perfect for a group of five and takes up much less room than packing towels) on the beach right outside the restaurant before we ran to the water. The beaches in Capri are few, and by few I mean two, with Marina Piccola having one of them. Other than that, it is all cliff diving and swimming in the clean water. Even though I hate swimming, I managed to jump off a few rocks and enjoy the water before returning to the pebbly beach to work on my Italian tan. Just before heading back to the ferry to return to Sorrento for the night, we capped off our trip to Capri with a limoncello tasting at the Magic Lemon. The signature liquor produced from the lemons of the island, the sour mix and sweet lemon chocolate pieces perfectly described the bitter-sweet end to our stay.

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