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The Almafi Coast: Positano

P1050717Going to the Almafi Coast is basically living in every destination picture you’ve ever pinned on Pinterest: pictures of bright colored villas sitting on cliffs cutting into water so blue you can’t even find an appropriate word to describe it, all with the caption “Someday!”.

My “someday” happened this weekend.

Booking our trip through FlorenceForFun, my roommates and I rushed out of class Thursday, eager for our seven-hour bus ride to  a weekend in Sorrento, Capri, Positano and Pompeii. We arrived at our home base, Hotel Cavour, a beachy accommodation in Sorrento, at around one in the morning. We managed to fit in a catnap between our arrival and breakfast, which was included (as well as dinner), despite all of our excitement for the days ahead.


It’s really hard to describe a perfect day.

When my friends asked me about my weekend at the Almafi Coast I lose my breath when I have to talk about my Saturday in Positano, struggling to form even simple sentences about the perfect beach town. Nestled in a valley that spills into the clear blue waters of its black beaches, the Easter egg-colored houses dressed in flowers create an unreal picture that’s hard to comprehend.

My roommates and I began our day with a private boat tour spanning from Positano to Almafi. The two hour ride with Cassiopea cost 36€ each for five of us. Traveling in a small rubber boat with our captain and owner of the company, Roberto, we cruised along the coast, stopping at different spots to swim through caves and under natural arches. Roberto loved our giggling bunch, graciously snapping our pictures at our request as we jumped off rocks and did flips off the boat. We had the best time enjoying the views of the unbelievable landscape as we relaxed on our way back to the marina, seeing the full picture of every coast town we passed.

Even though we told Roberto he couldn’t make us get off the boat, the ride sadly came to an end. We ventured to Vini and Panini for lunch, a convience store recommended by the FlorenceForFun tour guides. Without a menu, we created sandwiches from basically anything we wanted, plus a drink and some fruit we managed a delicious meal for under 10€.

We spent the rest of the day laying out on the smooth black rocks of the beaches, taking time to cool off in the water and people watch. Was it an overly exciting afternoon? No, not really. But it doesn’t get any better than spending a few hours with your friends surrounded by paradise.

Positano was one of my favorite places in Europe so far, unable to be surpassed in terms of beauty and relaxation.

Some tips for Positano:

  • The season is long, spanning from April to October. Make sure to fit a trip in during that time for prime beach weather.
  • Definitely spend the money on a boat ride. The beach is lined with boat rental stands, but times fill up quickly, so book one as soon as you arrive.
  • Because it is a black beach, prepare to jump around the rocks like an idiot from your feet being on fire, unless you bring some flip flops.
  • Grab lunch at Vini and Panini for a great sandwich that won’t break your budget. Remember there is no open container law, so go ahead and grab a keg from the cooler if you’re feeling it.
  • Ladies, if you’re looking for a cute bathing suit cover, this is the place to shop. Stray away from the beach to mosey through the town to find the perfect one.

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