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London: Harry Potter Tour

IMG_0921After arriving in London Tuesday afternoon, all the die-hard Harry Potter fans of our program raced to the Tube to catch a train to the edge of the city for our tour of Warner Brothers Studios.

After some drama with a late train that had us in a panic, we finally arrived to show everyone there what true HP fans look like – crazy 20-year-olds screaming and running to the doors of Hogwarts, some of us even in tears. But it was worth every single weird look we received. We all grew up with the books and my movies, myself reading the first when I was only six-years-old.

I’ll sum up this day to be one of the best of my life, with little exaggeration. We saw the Great Hall, made unicorn blood, rode broomsticks, fought dementors, drank real butter beer (which is DELICIOUS), stood alongside the huge model of Hogwarts, plus so much more. It wasn’t a cheap trip, but it was worth every single penny.

What we saw:

  • The Great Hall
  • Potions Classroom
  • Gryffindor  Common Room
  • Gryffindor Boys Dormitory
  • Dumbledore’s Office
  • The Burrow
  • Hagrid’s Hut
  • Door to the Chamber of Secrets
  • Muggle statue from the Ministry of Magic
  • Ministry of Magic Atrium
  • Ministry of Magic Fireplaces
  • Knight Bus
  • 4 Privet Drive
  • Hogwarts Bridge
  • Potter’s House
  • Diagon Alley
  • Hogwarts Castle Model
  • Plus a ton of props like the chess pieces, Hagrid’s motorcycle, etc.

I always say that you need to visit a city twice to really get a feel for it; once to do all the touristy stuff, and another to explore. If you have been to London before or have an extended stay, going on this tour needs to be on your list of to-do’s if you’re a Harry Potter fan. I promise, it’ll be the highlight of your trip. Just remember to book in advance!

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