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Welcome to London


My first trip to London

My first trip to London

The first time I went to London I hated it.

After spending four perfect days in Paris, I was instantly turned off by London’s rainy weather, gross food and protestors that kept me trapped in the hotel for most of my stay. Leaving a bad taste in my mouth, I was convinced I would never want to return.

I’m happy to report that my naive 16 year-old self was entirely wrong in her opinions of the city. My last study tour trip with Kent State Florence was by far the best week of my entire study abroad experience. I’m surprised I even got on the plane to go back to Italy.
 The main reasons I love London:
  • Everyone speaks English!
  • It was fall! My favorite season, I finally got to wear a coat and see parks full of colorful leaves. It’s still 70 in tree-less Florence.
  • English breakfast! Eggs, bacon and hash browns  > croissants
  • Being surrounded by fellow Harry Potter fans.
  • Boots drug stores. Shout out to my new favorite lipstick.
  • Normal sized coffee mugs.
  • I got to do everything I couldn’t the first time I was there. Brilliant!

Finally, this was a study tour trip that was relatively stress-free. Our fashion director, Pat (AKA Patrish), sat this one out, sending us with super-cool Barbara and this awesome European tour guide, Thomas. No getting lost in the subway, no being late for free time, literally no worries. On top of that, we stayed at a super nice hotel in the center of the city with a view of Kensington Gardens, instead of an awful hostel like the past two trips. We also had an awesome itinerary with tons of free time to do our own thing. Before we even boarded the plane we all knew this trip was going to completely surpass our one to Paris.

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