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London Prep List

I love to prepare for all my travels by indulging in the culture in any way I can before my trip. Here’s what I’ve been Googling before London:


Spice World 

The great tale of the Spice Girls and their fight to make it to their first live show at Albert Hall. Full of their best hits that us 90’s babies love.

Paul McCartney Really is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison 

If you are a fan of conspiracy theories, you need to watch this documentary. Going along with a cassette delivered to a media studio in Los Angeles, the narrator claims to be George Harrison of the Beatles, telling a story of Paul McCartney’s death and the clues the band left behind to let their fans know that who we think is Paul is actually an actor protected by MI5. I’ve seen it at least five times and it still blows my mind every time I watch it.

Across the Universe 

Staying on the Beatles kick I was on, the musical about love and war during the early years of Vietnam set to the classic tunes.


21, Adele

Wicked Original Broadway Soundtrack 

Greatest Hits, Spice Girls

1, The Beatles


Henry VIII

Elizabeth I

Jack the Ripper

Covent Garden

Victoria Beckham

Thank you, Wikipedia

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