Oswalds in Italy!

I’m so excited… My family is in Italy!

I can’t believe it’s already this point in the semester, it felt like November was so far away until it just snuck up on us all of sudden. Even though my family’s visit means that my time in Florence is almost over, I am way too excited to be on my way to Rome to see them.

My dad flew in from London after being there for work last week (of course, one week after I was there), and met my mom and siblings in Rome, where I’m on my way to right now via the fast train from Florence. Holllaaaaaaa free trip to Rome! Perks of having the fam in town – my empty wallet is going to be getting a well-deserved break.

I received my mom’s detailed itinerary in Excel spreadsheet form last week, which my roommates laughed at since now they understand where I get my organizational skills from. She told me I could plan everything for when we come back to Florence Thursday, but she’s already hijacked my plans so we’ll see what actually happens.

My predictions for the week:

  • My mom will get separated from the rest of us at least 5 times, because she’ll be annoyed and power walk through all the crowds, leaving us behind.
  • My dad will try to convince me it’s okay for him to wear a backpack around.
  • My sister will complain about walking so much to the point of tears.
  • My brother, newly 18, will use his age to his advantage.

Let the games begin.

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