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Oswalds Conquer Italy

P1090023No Oswald family trip is complete without an Excel spreadsheet itinerary.

Basically, we conquered Rome in a matter of three super-packed days filled with walking, touring and eating, then doing the same in Florence for the rest of the week. Thanks to my mom’s ultra-organized type A personality, we were making comments on every Trip Advisor suggestion for each city.

After a whole week of this, I need a vacation to recover from my family’s vacation.

It was so nice to travel with my family, not just for seeing them, but their awe of Italy reminded me how much I really do love being over here, despite the mega America-sickness I’ve been experiencing lately. Italy is really unique, and their appreciation for that made me get out of my little rut. After being in Rome I was so ready to go home to my tiny Firenze. Tourist season is over and the city has cleared out, so I’m finally able to enjoy it again. It’s amazing how quiet the city is without all the tourists getting lost among the streets!

Overall it was a successful trip, even if that does just mean we were all in the same place at one time. Even though I regained my love for Florence, I can’t say the same about my siblings. Seven days of sight seeing without 3G nearly killed them! Both have admitted they are not world travelers like I am, which is fine, since now is the time to learn that anyways. My parents enjoyed it a lot more, but I don’t think either will be returning to Italy anytime soon – too many carbs and art galleries, especially for my mom.

Well, I’ll be here eating mass amounts of pasta still for the next five weeks, so until then!

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