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Super Exciting News!

1465342_10201886094769238_339912438_nSo the past few weeks I’ve been a maniac trying to get ready to join the real world again.

I mean, really, I’ve been on vacation for the past four months. So I’ve been busy applying for internships in New York, figuring out a house in Kent for senior year, making sure I can work over break but still have time to see my friends and family, etc.

In the midst of all this, my friend Kelsey, who goes to Xavier, was like, “Hey, Manders (she’s the only person allowed to call me that), there’s this really cool website called, and I think you should write for it. Go send your application.” So I was like, alright, sure, why not.

After checking out the blog devoted to uplifting content for college women, I knew I wanted apply, and by doing so, start Kent State’s branch of the website. A few emails, an application and mock story later, I’m happy to announce the Kent State page of launches next week! I’m super excited for this project, and have tons of ideas for stories already. I’ve also recruited a bunch of fab friends to apply and are going to be writing alongside me, and I already know that this could be U lala’s most successful branch.

If you haven’t heard of U lala, make sure to go check it out! They’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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