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Shit Happens When You Study Abroad

As my semester in Italy comes to an end, I think it’s time to reflect on the (sometimes) hilarious mishaps that have happened these last few months. Sure, they were stressful at the time, but if this semester has taught me anything, it’s to roll with the punches and laugh about it later. Click on the links to read some of the full stories!

1. I thought we were leaving on Monday… 

I’m sitting in my old apartment in Kent enjoying a hungover Saturday after a last night out, when I see all these tweets – “Italy tomorrow!” “Bye America, see you in December!” I honestly think these people are idiots. We we’re not leaving Sunday, we’re leaving Monday! Yeah, that was an interesting phone call to my mom when I realized I actually really was leaving the country the next day.

2. I missed my flight from Paris to Florence…

This trip was off to a great start. After realizing my boarding pass was only a confirmation and not an actual ticket, I got stuck in Charles de Galle, waving to all my friends as they left for Florence, while I waited for the next flight… Which was five hours later.

3. I graced the streets of Florence with a regurgitated bottle of Prosecco our first night out…

My friends still won’t let me live that down. Those free drinks will getcha.

IMG_03614. Our dishwasher overflowed and filled our kitchen with suds…

Use the packets like you do at home for the dishwasher, not the liquid soap that was left in the apartment that you think is meant for the dishwasher. Our mistake.

5. My iPhone was stolen…

I only made it three weeks until my phone was stolen at 21 nightclub. The best part was that when I told my parents, they told me they had used the upgrade I had been saving JIC to get my brother a new phone for his birthday.

6. Micaela and Taylor got attacked by a psycho chick…

On our block. Luckily they were okay, but that’s a type of phone call I never want to get ever again.

7. I found out I was allergic to cats in Barcelona…

I spent the entire night picking goop out of my right eyeball. Still one of my favorite nights abroad though!

8. My hair turned red…P1060411

I had this great idea to dye my hair back to my natural color before studying abroad to avoid getting major roots or spending the money on touch ups in a salon in Italy. THIS WAS DUMB. My naturally light hair fought the too-dark chocolate brown color, turning my hair into a nice shade of red and forcing me to go to an Italian salon to fix it, which is what I was avoiding in the first place.

9. We ended up in the ghetto of Paris…

And witnessed a drug deal as soon as we stepped off the Metro. Thanks to our Parisian “tour guide” for the suggestion of where to go out for a night. Yeah, we walked a block and immediately got back on the train to go home.

10. I ate an ornament at Oktoberfest…

Don’t eat the gingerbread cookies. They’re wrapped in plastic for a reason. (see photo from number 8)

11. We almost missed our flight to Dublin…

If you fly Ryaniar, remember to go get your visas stamped at bag check, or they might not let you on the plane! Luckily the nice lady came and stamped our books minutes before departure. This also led to us to buying the wrong bus ticket later. Whoops.

12. Our promoter didn’t show in London…

After a huge effort to make sure Taylor had the BEST 21st birthday, our night at the posh DSTRKT nightclub turned into a money pit when our promoter didn’t show, we didn’t get our table or bottle service, and we all had to pay a 20£ cover charge!

photo13. I got my hair caught in a hair dryer…

That was interesting to say the least. With the help of Taylor and Olivia and a screwdriver we found, we were able to break the hair dryer in half and save the huge chunk of hair trapped in the fan.

14. Our flight to Prague was cancelled…

After spending a day and a half fighting with Orbitz after Swiss Airlines terminated their route from Zurich to Prague, we finally managed to get us all on another flight… Well, three different flights, but at least we’re still getting there!

15. Our bus from Venice broke down…

And we got stuck at a rest stop for about two hours. Love group trips!

With a few weeks left here, I’m sure more crazy events will happen. But it at least it always leads to a good story!


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