You’re. Only. in Florence. Once.

Or, You’re Only Fat Once, depending on what kind of activities you’ve done that day that you’re trying to justify.

I leave Florence in exactly one month, which is crazy. As America-sick as I can get sometimes, because who wouldn’t miss Taco Bell and their straighteners, this has been an indescribable, perfectly amazing semester. Even though I will have a hard time leaving Florence, at least I have New York City to look forward to! I’ve already secured my apartment, gotten a few internships and filled my winter break with hours at work so I can try to refill my empty wallet. It’s been a busy few weeks!

But in all the preparation for the months to come, I’m trying to do as much in Florence as possible. I’m ready to stay out late, make my feet bleed from walking so much, go to every museum, eat tons of pizza and spend every last euro I have.

Here’s a recap of my latest YOFO experiences. Here’s to the last month of my Italian life!

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