So, I Took A Vacation

Alright, I’m a bad blogger.

But after a whole four months in another COUNTRY I kinda had some things to do that didn’t involve the internet.

Here’s what you missed: 

I rejoined the 21st century and got a phone! It’s actually really annoying…

I got Medina-drunk with my mom.

I spent my Christmas Eve waitressing.

I had a NYE that made me miss Europe terribly.

I went back to Buckeye High School for the first time since I graduated. 

I realized that I need to get the heck out of here again.

And on that note, I’m moving to NYC on Friday. Let the adventure continue! 

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I spruced this place up a bit. Ya like? 

One thought on “So, I Took A Vacation

  1. Ugh I miss europe terribly as well, where you thinking of going next, and isn’t it crazy how addicting travel is, I mean C’MON it isn’t even fair! haha but great post, can’t wait to see where you do next!

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