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The First Day in NYC Struggle

1499441_10202289598616582_1572441756_nI suck at getting to places.

I made it to New York but, of course, it wasn’t without its fair share of mishaps. Why can’t traveling ever be easy for me? GIVE ME A BREAK.

I was one of very few Kent Staters who flew to New York, packing my life into two suitcases yet again (plus a few things given to my roommates to drive in – I couldn’t leave my whole wardrobe behind this time around!) Two overweight bags and one $135 baggage fee later, I was set for my 7:00 AM flight out of Akron-Canton to LaGuardia. Bumped up to business class, because I guess that’s a trend for me now, I smirked at the lady sitting next to me chugging vodka and apple juice at 6:40 in the morning.

It seemed like this might be an easy trip for once. But no.

I arrived to find out that the airline (AirTran – I hate you) lost one of my bags. Cool. In the meantime, I have sketchy drivers following me around the terminal shouting prices to the city at me. After accepting defeat with getting my bag and almost getting a ride from a driver who tried to lead me to his car that was in the parking garage, I finally was heading towards Manhattan in a car service advertising a $30 ride – much better than the $65 the other guy wanted to charge me. Thank goodness for quick  thinking and fake cell phone calls from Mom.

NYC continued to put me to the test for the rest of the morning, with not being able to get into my apartment, not having my stuff that I shipped having arrived yet and waiting all night for my luggage to finally arrive at 9:00 PM.

But at least I’m here. Let the adventure begin!

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