New York City

First Bite of the Big Apple

If you’ve read my last two blogs you may think that I’m feeling pretty down-and-out about living in New York.

But HELL NO. I love it here. Because as many bad things that have happened 100 other good things have happened as well.


  • Cupcakes for breakfast.
  • Everyone wants to visit! S/O to my dear friend Sam for taking time to catchup when she was in town last weekend.
  • So many Instagram-able moments.
  • Exciting new stories for – including one with lipstick
  • Being reunited with friends who have moved to the city after graduating from Kent.
  • Also, the hope I have for an  awesome future after meeting so many Kent alumni doing cool things here.
  • Meeting celebs (hi Taye Diggs – remember that time I checked your name at the door?)
  • NYC professors > Florence professors
  • Everyone wears fur coats. JUST. LIKE. ME. I belong here.

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