New York City

DirecTV Super Saturday

Craigslist has been my go-to source for my ongoing job search.

A few weeks ago I answered an ad for a cocktail server for a one-night event for the Super Bowl. Little did I know I just got recruited for one of the biggest Super Bowl parties in New York City.

After my employment was confirmed, my roommates and I did some research and found out I was indeed working the DirecTV Super Saturday party, an invite-only VIP-filled event. Oh, and Jay Z was the entertainment for the night. Dying.

I arrived at Pier 40 to find a giant DirecTV billboard greeting me, helping to settle my speculations that this was going to be a Craigslist killer scenario. I joined a line of of 300+ people dressed in black, systematically putting on black ties while being handed blue wristbands and receiving job assignment cards. Amanda, cocktail server, balcony A.

I headed up the stairs of the massive tent that was still be reconstructed after the morning’s Celebrity Beach Bowl tournament. The sand pit was being flattened by bulldozers as wood floors were laid overtop, lighting teams were flickering blue and purple bulbs that flashed against giant chandeliers and the sound team was putting final details of the stage. I was greeted by my supervisor to find I was working the VIP section. At $1200 a ticket, I knew this was about to be an event unlike anything I had ever worked. My bigger celebrities at the country club were local car dealership owners – how was I about to handle movie stars?!

I joined the rest of my team – a bartender from Queens, a dancer from the Martha Graham II company, a woman going into the NYPD, among others – in setting up our section before we were ushered out of the building. Jay Z was about to do his soundcheck. I had been at this job for two hours and it was already the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

9:00 rolled around an we were escorted back into the giant tent. A man’s voice rang over the loud speaker.

“Attention, we have one more performer who needs to do soundcheck. Please respect your position and keep your phone away. If anyone is caught taking video of this you will asked to leave the premisses and will not receive pay.”

And then Beyonce started singing “Drunk in Love.” HOLY SHIT. I was a puddle on the floor.

How does one even recover from seeing such perfection live? I couldn’t actually work knowing that that was all about to happen again in a few hours!

Then my supervisor then rushed in in a panic. The owners of the public relations company putting on the event were coming in for the party. And I was going to be the one in charge of making sure I had the best time.

“Amanda, don’t fuck this up.”

Um, ok.

Super server Amanda came out at this event. I have no idea how I was able to control my fan girl in a sea of celebrities – Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Hayden Panettiere, Tim Tebow, David Spade, Chris Rock, Paul McCartney, Reggie Bush, Jamie Foxx (J Lo, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Upton were also reportedly there but I didn’t see them), but I was on my A-game, even jumping behind the bar at times to help the (incompetent – I’m sorry, but these guys didn’t even know how to pour a beer) bartenders.

It was hard not to stand and enjoy the amazing Jay Z and Beyonce performance, but it was hilarious moving through the crowds and having mini-dance sessions with the very drunk clientele. Even though I only saw bits and pieces while I filled drink requests, just being in the space, trying to keep balance on the shaking floor boards and singing along to the iconic songs, was an experience in itself.

Tiesto played to the crowd for the rest of the night, playing the perfect mix of music to complete my ten-hour shift. Even though I was running my ass off and completely exhausted, 4:00 AM came relatively quickly.

Talk about an unforgettable way to get a paycheck. I love being in New York!

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