Fashion / New York City

Where In the World is Amanda?

Yesterday I unintentionally walked out of my apartment looking like Carmen San Diego.


A fashion faux-paux? Or opportunity to have a super fun-filled adventurous Thursday? I chose the later and blew up my Twitter account with pictures and the hashtag #WhereInTheWorldIsAmanda all day.

My first stop of the day was to the FFANY shoe show. Hotel rooms full of wholesale shows for FW14 – I was in heaven.

Or I thought I was, until I reached the East Penthouse, which was housing Jeffery Campbell. THEN I was in heaven.

Next stop was a stroll to FedEx… but that’s boring, so I stopped by my dream job instead. Still waiting to grow tall enough to be a Rockette…


Final stop of the day was to Lincoln Center for the Desigual FW14 show. Even though the collection wasn’t anything incredibly special, it was awesome to be right in the heart of NYFW. I sat second row, surrounded by fashion writers and bloggers typing away on their iPads why simultaneously snapping pics for Instagram. I fit right right in. Check out a full article on the show coming tomorrow.

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