New York City

Patra Ltd.

This week’s study tour trip was to “mother of the bride” dress manufacturer Patra Ltd.

The head of sales, Caroline, and head designer, Joanna, took the time to talk to us about the independently owned special occasion dress company. They explained the evolving fashion tastes of women, and how they have changed their business strategy to accompany those changes.

Caroline explained that women are younger now, and so Patra brought on new designer Joanna to help the manufacturer make the needed transition from maternal to fashionable. Aside from taking popular styles and updating them, Joanna has also worked to take the line from “cute” to “hot” as she said, making sure every dress fits the needs of an older woman’s body.

As the needs of the end consumer have changed, Caroline explained that the needs of the buyer have also changed. “Fashion is less about fashion and more about finances now,” Caroline said. “It used to be more glamorous, and now it’s all about the margin. It all comes down to the price point that buyers want.”

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