Fashion / New York City

Macy’s Guest Speaker

This week’s study tour kept us in the classroom of Kent State NYC for a lecture with guest speaker Molly Langenstein, KSU alum and EVP of product development at Macy’s. It was great to hear what advice she offered us, not just because of her success, but because she once was the same small-town Ohio fashion student that we all are now. That’s the best part about the KSU NYC studio, in my opinion.

In her speech, Molly talked about three most important aspects in having a successful career.

1. Curiosity equals passion
2. Learning is everywhere and from everyone
3. You own it

Within these guidelines, Molly explained that willingness to learn, a positive attitude and a passion for what you’re doing is what makes for a longstanding career in any field. It was great to hear her positive speech about how our voices are important, we just need to make ourselves be heard.

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