Fashion / New York City

The Doneger Group


I was very disappointed to miss this week’s study tour trip to The Doneger Group. At least going to Las Vegas wasn’t a bad tradeoff.

The Doneger Group is a leading fashion trend analysis resource that was founded in 1946. The group offers industry research, merchandising services, trend and color forecasting and online services to their clients. With their consulting efforts, clients are exposed to trends in fashion, retail and business through their various services.

The core of Doneger’s business is focused on the foundation of successful fashion, working with clients to help build a successful start to a season with their forecasting efforts. Their services include design workshops, fabric reports, color workshops and target marketing.

For Spring 2015 the group is predicting the following trends:

Trapeze and a-line silhouettes
Small accessories
Dolphin shorts
3D fabric
Yellow and pale pink

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